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Software engineer with a passion good design and UX. Currently petting all the good dogs in NYC 🐶 | ⚡️

How I learned to refactor my code after an interview using loops and ternary operations

Recently, I participated in a take-home coding challenge as part of an initial interview screening process for a junior developer role at company X. The task was the classic fizzbuzz problem; except instead of the words “fizzbuzz”, I had to print out the company name instead.

// --- Directions for…

A quick run-through on how to the reverse integers problem with just few simple steps!

Here’s the Task: Given an integer, return an integer that is the reverse ordering of numbers

Examples://   reverseInt(15) === 51//   reverseInt(981) === 189//   reverseInt(500) === 5 [with no zeroes!]//…

Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash

Four (4) alternative ways to solve the reverse string algorithm question

Here is your task: Given a string, return a new string with the reversed order of characters.

Example:  reverse(‘cooper’) === ‘repooc’
reverse(‘birthday’) === ‘yadhtrib’
reverse(‘Hello!’) === ‘!olleH’

🔹 Note that the given input and the expected output are both strings.


  1. Turn string into an array
  2. Call reverse on the array

How to dynamically create a Cart feature for a User using vanilla JavaScript

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Every shopper needs a cart

For the Mod 3 project, we were given the task of building a Single Page Application (SPA) using JavaScript as the frontend and Ruby Rails API as the backend server. My partner and I came up with the idea to build an e-commerce site that sells PPE products (we need…

How imposter syndrome can be a propeller for success in a fast-evolving world of tech

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navigating my way through the notorious tech bootcamp schedule with a new rescue puppy in the midst of a global pandemic

So maybe you’ve heard the words “coding bootcamp” but wondered what that really means. A coding bootcamp is a type of a technical training program that teaches students programming skills in a condensed period of time. Given the short time frame for the training, tech bootcamps are hyper focused on…

Still confused about Git vs. Github? Here’s a simple explanation that will help you get started on the right foot.


You’re Not Alone

When I started my bootcamp Pre-work at the Flatiron school, I had no idea what Github or Git was. Shocking to some, I was JUST learning how to navigate on my very first MacBook 😱 (yes, I ❤ Windows)and still familiarizing myself with simple CLI commands.


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